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Hakomi Mallorca is the mediterranean training center of Hakomi of Europe. All of our programs are taught by Founding Senior Trainer of the Hakomi Institute, Halko Weiss, and Certified Hakomi Trainer, Maci Daye. Our comprehensive training in Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy is recognized by the European Association of Psychotherapy  (EAP) as “scientifically-based” and meets the standards of professional psychotherapy training set forth by the EAP.

Intro Workshops

We also teach Hakomi introductory workshops and programs on interpersonal effectiveness, couples counseling and mindful sexuality. Collectively, we have 50 years of training experience under our belts, a commitment to using mindfulness in psychodynamic therapy and the healing arts, and a desire to create a safe and engaging learning environment for psychotherapists, adjunct helping professionals, coaches and graduate students.

The Method

Hakomi is a mindfulness-centered, somatic psychology. Originally developed by Ron Kurtz, it has been a pioneer in the field of body-centered psychotherapy for over 30 years. The Hakomi Method is unique in its integration of mindfulness throughout the therapy session, and has roots in Taoism and Buddhist practices, as well as Western somatic therapies.


As an experiential, mindfulness-based psychotherapy, it allows clients to safely and deeply access the unconscious core beliefs and formative experiences which often shape our lives without our knowledge. Once conscious, this material is available for transformation. Therapy outcomes often include lasting positive changes in behavior, relationships, and self-image; and the healing of attachment issues for the client. Current discoveries in neuroscience have validated many aspects of Hakomi, and the Hakomi Institute continues to develop the method to further integrate neuropsychology. Hakomi also interfaces effectively with a wide spectrum of therapeutic techniques and modalities.


The Hakomi Institute is the original, worldwide organization founded by Ron Kurtz, and its website at www.Hakomi.org and www.HakomiInstitute.com includes an international directory of workshops, trainings, therapists and faculty, as well as extensive information about Hakomi.

Hakomi Workshops

Hakomi workshops are offered on a regular basis. These are stand-alone events on a variety of themes that may be taken for professional development purposes or to satisfy the pre-requisite for application to the Hakomi Professional Training. Workshops vary in length from one to four days.