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Hakomi Mallorca is the mediterranean training center of Hakomi of Europe. All of our programs are taught by Founding Senior Trainer of the Hakomi Institute, Halko Weiss, and Certified Hakomi Trainer, Maci Daye. Our comprehensive training in Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy is recognized by the European Association of Psychotherapy  (EAP) as “scientifically-based” and meets the standards of professional psychotherapy training set forth by the EAP.


Hakomi is a mindfulness-centered, somatic psychology. Originally developed by Ron Kurtz, it has been a pioneer in the field of body-centered psychotherapy for over 30 years. The Hakomi Method is unique in its integration of mindfulness throughout the therapy session, and has roots in Taoism and Buddhist practices, as well as Western somatic therapies. As an experiential, mindfulness-based psychotherapy, it allows clients to safely and deeply access the unconscious core beliefs and formative experiences which often shape our lives without our knowledge.

EAPT (Taught in German)

This program is designed to help professional psychotherapists develop important concepts and skills in couple’s therapy. It combines elements of humanistic psychology, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, body-psychotherapy and systemic perspectives. The EAPT program supports thriving love relationships by expanding consciousness and cultivating mutual understanding. Therapists learn to create moments of undefended connection for couples, from which love naturally unfolds.


While we all long for deep connection, relationships also create feelings of helplessness, confusion and pain. Designed for both helping professionals and a general audience, this course provides a blueprint for navigating the challenges and opportunities that relationships offer us. Participants learn how to mindfully work with the complex feelings that arise in difficult interactions with the people we love, work for, supervise and interact with day-to-day. H.E.A.R.T.is an integrative approach that fits well with post-modern thinking. It allows freedom to conceive and live in accord with your own values and rules, and emphasizes personal responsibility and consciousness

Passion & Presence

Passion and Presence is a mindful approach to sexuality for couples and helping professionals who work with couples. Our core offering is “Tending Eros in Long-Term Relationships.” Taught as a series of couple’s retreats, the program offers a hopeful, compassionate way of working with the sexual issues that arise in all long-term relationships, not just troubled ones. Passion and Presence teaches couples how to rekindle their erotic connection by cultivating a present, attuned and exploratory state of mind, even after being together for many years.

Hakomi Workshops

Hakomi workshops are offered on a regular basis. These are stand-alone events on a variety of themes that may be taken for professional development purposes or to satisfy the pre-requisite for application to the Hakomi Professional Training. Workshops vary in length from one to four days.