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Hakomi Mallorca | Hakomi Professional Training
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Mallorca Training Dates & Format

The current Hakomi Professional Training began in July 2013 and will be completed in 2017.

Our next Hakomi Professional Training is set to begin in 2018 ( see dates below.)

The Hakomi Professional Training is composed of two progressive modules, Foundation and Advanced. The Foundation Training Module consists of three, seven-day residential segments in Mallorca (Sunday – Saturday) as well as monthly webinars. The Advanced Training consists of three modules, each containing three, seven day residential segments in Mallorca.

This design allows students to work while in the training and provides time to integrate the method through long-term, on-going practice. Students also form study groups and establish practice partners to practice between segments.

 Foundation Training (1 year)

Module 1
Residential Segment 1:  8.7. 2018 – 14.7. 2018
Residential Segment 2: 11.11. 2018 – 17.11. 2018
Residential Segment 3: 31.3. 2019 – 6.4. 2019

 Advanced Training (3 years)

Module 1
Residential Segment 1: TBD
Residential Segment 2: TBD
Residential Segment 3: TBD

Module 2
Residential Segment 1: TBD
Residential Segment 2: TBD
Residential Segment 3: TBD

Module 3
Residential Segment 1: TBD
Residential Segment 2: TBD
Residential Segment 3: TBD

Specific Entrance Requirements:

  • Participation in an introductory Hakomi workshop.
  • Completion of the application form, accompanied by a non-refundable deposit of €100 euros.
  • A background in psychology or an allied field.
  • An ability to obtain at least two practice clients.
  • Experience as a client of psychotherapy and/or group work.
If you’d like to join the next Mallorca Hakomi Professional Training, there are two steps:

  1. Submit a formal application.
  2. Pay the €100 application fee here.

If your application is accepted, you will be invited to secure your place with a
holding deposit of  €800 euros and to complete an Enrollment Agreement.

Training Objectives:

  • Learn the principles and techniques of Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy.
  • Learn how to integrate mindfulness into a psychodynamic process.
  • Use the body to access and understand unconscious material.
  • Create a mindfulness-based healing relationship with your clients.
  • Foster “earned” secure attachment and emotion regulation.
  • Use the personality of the therapist as an instrument for therapy.