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Covid in Spain and the November block – from Maci and Halko

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Published by:Valentina Iadeluca
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Dear all,

We do get all your worries about our ongoing training. We are just as unhappy and unsure about the situation as most of you seem to be. It hurts to imagine doing the November segment without Jessica, Catherine, and maybe Cassandra, and now we are even looking at problems for some of you in Europe!

Given Spain’s current situation, Halko had to shift his upcoming couples’ therapy training from Sóller to either Berlin or Tübingen just a day ago. Of course, there is no way telling how the situation will be in 2,5 months given the ever-changing COVID numbers and travel requirements in the different countries. It is possible that a vaccination is not too far off.

From the Hakomi teaching team, we are just as downcast and even pained about the prospect of not being with you in person as many of you are. Our feelings are personal (wanting to connect on a deeper level again) and professional (wanting to teach our method in person and move forward with the curriculum). But our hope to get together in November is severely dampened at the time.

To know that several of you would not be with us and would have to be on the outside somewhat is heartbreaking. And if even more of you would need to hold back on traveling, then the meeting would not make any sense.

We are not giving up yet and want to see how the next two or three weeks pan out, but we are highly alarmed and worried. Even now, as Maci and Halko are required to travel to and from Mallorca, it is highly complicated and demanding. We will be testing the waters in the coming weeks, though.

Please hang in with us until the end of September. We promised we would make a final decision early October, but I think we can decide by the end of the month. The contingency plan is as outlined before: an online program similar to the last one, and the final live segment in April (we pray that it is true what the medical community expects, namely that we will have a vaccination and maybe medication till then).


Wit a sad and worried heart,

Maci and Halko