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Greetings and news – from Halko and Maci

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Greetings from Maci and Halko!

We hope that your summer is pleasant and relaxing! We are in Hamburg to escape the 40+ degrees that Mallorca is enduring. With the 30+ degrees here, we can make it through the late afternoons and evenings with a modicum of comfort.

At the time, we are still optimistic about our November meeting in Sóller, hoping to see all of you in person to feel the bond and closeness that only person-to-person meetings can provide. We want you to practice the individual presence and somatic interventions that are integral to the method with a live person in front of you.

As promised, the definite “go” will come after Halko has tried out the venue under the present conditions on October 5th. It would be a great help to get some information from you by the end of September: how travel restrictions apply to your area at that time and whether you are expecting any serious problems flying to Mallorca.

Our plan for November is to revisit The Barrier and The Child and keep a continuous focus on the missing experience and transformation. We also plan to include “riding the rapids,” integration and completion, and may start with some aspects of these topics in the upcoming webinars. As we have been missing so many practical exercises, we will hopefully do a lot of them in various practice formats, home groups, group process, and demos.

Please remember that we added a day to our segment to include the second Sunday (November 8-15) if we meet in person.

Worst case, of course, would be if COVID forces us to go online once more. We expect that not to be the case, but if it happens, we will adhere to the same weekly format that we used in July. In preparation for our segment, please read chapters 18, 19, and 20 of our Hakomi book.

We hope that all of you will be protected and blessed! With a virtual hug to everybody,

Maci and Halko