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Mindfulness Meets Eros: Working with Sexual Issues in Therapy



An introduction for practitioners to Passion and Presence®, an approach to sexuality that combines Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy with Western sex therapy. An event sponsored by Jan Mojsa

The training has three areas of focus:

  1. Your own embodied response to sexual issues and themes, including how your fears and limiting beliefs filter your attitudes about sex and your client’s behaviors.
  2. Ways to use mindfulness to revitalize eros and support sexual healing and growth.
  3. What it means to be a sexually informed therapist and how to make it safe for your clients to explore their concerns with you.


Through a combination of lectures, case examples, experiential activities, and practice sessions, participants will learn why sexual problems often have little to do with sexual function and a lot to do with what encodes in the “operating systems” of our clients’ erotic lives. These are beliefs and internal models based on early learning and past experiences.


Who will be teaching?

Creator of Passion and Presence®
Maci Daye

Maci is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Certified Hakomi Trainer. Since 2010, she has led her popular retreat series Passion and Presence® in the USA, Europe, and Australia.

What will you learn?

We will address the following topics: the "Explore & Inform" model; common myths about sexuality; what research tells us about optimal sexuality; why becoming cliterate and closing the pleasure gap matters; the importance of priming and psychogenic arousal; diversity, equity, and inclusion in the therapy room.

You will learn how to help clients:

  • explore the”hidden factors” contributing to fear and avoidance
  • revise or dispense with limiting sexual scripts
  • experience more creativity, play, and exploration in their lovemaking
  • let go of goals that contribute to performance anxiety
  • understand and embrace fluctuations in desire
  • recover trust in their embodied wisdom and set limits accordingly



9.30 - 17.30


Burdall’s Yard, 7A Anglo Terrace, Bath, BA1 5NH


Contact Jan Moisa:

The fee for the workshop will be calculated in pounds, according to the exchange rate applied on the day of the payment.


This workshop offers continuing education credit through the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.


Bath, England


 - 08.09.22


Maci Daye


mental health professionals, sex therapists


Early bird valid until: July 26,2022


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How did you get to know Hakomi Mallorca?

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How did you get to know Hakomi Mallorca?

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