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Founded in 1981 by Ron Kurtz and a core group of trainers, The Hakomi Institute is a non-profit organization headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

The Institute is the original provider of Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy (Hakomi MSP) training programs. It has worldwide affiliates, including Hakomi Mallorca.

Hakomi Institute faculty have extensive training. Most hold advanced degrees and are licensed mental health professionals.


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What makes body-centered psychotherapy so effective is that the client's immediate behaviors provide a kind of information that words alone cannot. And this information is a direct expression of the unconscious.

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Hakomi® Institute of Mallorca

Hakomi Mallorca is the Mediterranean headquarters for Hakomi MSP. We offer professional and personal growth courses online and in Sóller, Mallorca.

Hakomi Trainers Maci Daye and Halko Weiss founded Hakomi Mallorca in 2010. Both have decades of experience teaching Hakomi, and Halko is one of the founders of the Hakomi Institute.

We offer a four-year Hakomi Therapist Training and shorter professional and personal enrichment programs.

Welcome to Mallorca

Mallorca is a desirable vacation destination for those seeking tranquility or adventure year-long. With 300 days of sunshine, visitors can enjoy the island's numerous beaches and outdoor activities.

The Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range runs along the northern coast and is popular with hikers.

Rustic inland and coastal villages offer historic charm, while Mallorca’s capital, Palma, boasts a stunning waterfront, gothic cathedral, and vibrant shopping district in the “old town.”

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Online formats

While we value the deep interpersonal learning in live events, we also offer flexible online options.

We strive to make Hakomi training available when travel restrictions prevent participants from joining us in person. We also offer shorter online programs to those who want to experience our approach from the convenience of home.

We often use breakout rooms so participants can explore and practice in smaller groups. Rather than looking at technology as an obstacle to overcome, we are creative about the possibilities it offers to enhance our virtual offerings.

Meet and Greet

Want to speak with a team member directly? Are you interested in learning more about Hakomi or our training programs? We've got you covered.

We offer a monthly 45-minute virtual get-together with a team member to share information and answer questions about our offerings.

We may do some mindfulness together, watch a short instructional video, or talk informally about Hakomi during this time.

Please join us! Register here, and we’ll send you a Zoom link.

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