Hakomi Embodied and Aware Relationship Training Program H.E.A.R.T.®

Join us for a unique relationship mastery program!

Research shows that our health, happiness, and professional success depend primarily on having strong and fulfilling relationships.

Yet despite our longing for deep connection, we often find ourselves stuck in hurtful and dissatisfying interactions with friends, parents, children, co-workers, and life partners.

The HEART Program provides a blueprint for establishing more intimate, rewarding, and engaged personal and professional relationships without changing who you are. It emphasizes consciousness and aligns with Hakomi’s principles and values.

The HEART Program can help you:

  • Become more skillful and resilient when relating with others

  • Enjoy greater depth and authenticity in your love relationships

  • Have meaningful exchanges in your family

  • Foster collaborative relationships with colleagues

  • Support your clients with their relationships

Relational mastery involves three core elements

Building Self-knowledge

It is your deepest aspirations that guide the HEART Program.

We invite you to explore what matters most in your personal and professional relationships. Then, you will understand and see how your internal states shape your relational behaviors for better or worse. You’ll learn how to shift your states and move towards mindful self-regulation.

Understanding your impact on others

Although we may be tempted to blame the other person, interpersonal difficulties are always a two-person problem.

Seeing how our states contribute to the quality of our relationships is a gift of mindfulness and a core feature of the HEART. Program.

You will have numerous opportunities to study and receive compassionate feedback on what your behaviors trigger in others to become more aware and wiser in your actions.

Skillfully creating your desired relationships

(and navigating sticky situations)

While knowing what kinds of relationships we want is essential, we can still act out of old patterns without acquiring new skills.

Our training will teach you the skills of how to manage your states, take care of your wounded parts, step out of defensive habits, and communicate authentically.

Areas of Addition Perspectives

The Group Process

If issues within the group arise spontaneously, we will apply the HEART. concepts to the group and learn from these emerging processes.

We will also address healing modalities that “center” relationships and discuss the role of communication in groups and living systems.

Love Relationships as a Path for Healing and the Transpersonal

The profoundly personal experience of encountering another is at the core of being human. Conscious loving relationships have a transpersonal dimension that can help us transcend our self-concerns and uncover our wisdom and compassion.

We will learn how to love, despite being so different, and explore sexual and emotional challenges to long-term relationships.

Standing at the Abyss: Couples Therapy

Long-term coupling is an invitation for growth unlike anything else. Unfortunately, by the time couples seek therapy, many of their romantic dreams have collapsed. This precarious phase of [dis]connection also provides a unique transformational opportunity.

We will explore and practice ways to support couples in the art of “Mutual Seeing,” which is key to recovering and sustaining a loving connection.

HEART values and skills




As a program based on mindfulness, we look at how we relate and the outcome of our actions to see if we are getting what we want, rather than judging our behavior as right or wrong.

We stay open and curious about the unfolding process within and between us before finding solutions.

Mindful Self-Exploration

Emotional Growth

If our relationships fail to grow, it is because of our limitations. We all need to cultivate a sense of maturity, as well as personal power and awareness, to help us expand towards relationship mastery.

Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to emotional growth within the relational web of the training group while at the same time protecting your truths and authenticity.

Mindful Self-exploration
Mindful Dialogue
giving and receiving feedback


Consciousness involves becoming aware of what states we are in, how we’re acting, and how that plays out in our relationships. We can notice what parts of us are interacting and how our internal states shape our speaking and responding.

We also explore satisfying alternatives to behaviors that arise in automatic, unconscious ways so we can participate in our relationships consciously.

Mindful Co-investigation

the RIL Diagramming Process (Becoming aware of Protector and Protected states and parts)


How can we use our interpersonal difficulties for growth and connection? First, it is essential to see how we protect ourselves. It is almost impossible to open to others if we are in defensive states.

We can then look for ways to understand the other person more deeply. We learn how to get to those levels deep inside through this process, where both of us are vulnerable.


Mindful Self-Report


Getting to a place of appreciating who you are while having compassion for the other is the essence of HEART. Through compassion, we open our hearts and become curious about others instead of merely getting our way.

We understand that all beings long for connection and carry wounds that make it difficult to open to others.


Compassionate Contact

Course Length & Dates

We offer this course in either English or German.

GERMAN HEART Course 3-day Introductory Workshops

February 9th to 11th, 2024
1st and 2nd day: 10 am to 6 pm
3rd day: 10 am to 2 pm
Stuttgart, Germany
teaching staff
Ute Helmers
May 31st to June 2nd, 2024
1st and 2nd day: 10 am to 6 pm
3rd day: 10 am to 2 pm
Munich, Germany
Halko Weiss
Ute Helmers
September 20th to 22nd, 2024
1st and 2nd day: 10 am to 6 pm
3rd day: 10 am to 2 pm
Hamburg, Germany
Halko Weiss
Ute Helmers

GERMAN HEART training Course

About the program

The HEART. training course consists of three 7-day segments. Participation requires a prior Introductory workshop or some experience with Hakomi, plus an informal application.

For German speakers, we will be based in Germany for the first segment of the HEART program. The final two modules will be conducted in Sóller, Mallorca.

Segment 1
January 12th to 18th, 2025
Wasmuthhausen, Germany
teaching staff
Halko Weiss
Ute Helmers
Segment 2
May 11th to 17th, 2025
Sóller, Mallorca
Halko Weiss
Ute Helmers
Segment 3
September 19th to 25th, 2025
Sóller, Mallorca
Halko Weiss
Ute Helmers

Program Format

Our HEART Course incorporates a blend of theory, interpersonal skills training, mindfulness-based experiential learning, discussion, reflection, group process, and optional study groups. In the latter part of the training, participants use their relationships with group members to practice core HEART. skills.

For information and registration, please go to Hakomi of Europe, e.V.: info@hakomi.de

ENGLISH HEART Course 3-day Introductory Workshops

There are no HEART courses in English programmed at the moment. Sign up to our newsletter to find out when the next workshops will be scheduled.
Please contact us to be added to the waitlist.



We are also happy to answer any queries or questions.

Meet the team

| halko 2024 min | Hakomi Mallorca

Halko Weiss, Ph.D., DBH, Dipl.-Psych.

A senior founding trainer of the Hakomi Institute and co-founder of Hakomi Mallorca, has been teaching HEART in Europe and Australia since the mid-90s.

He developed HEART to address the complexities of moving from “me” to “we.”

“Me” denotes the intrapersonal realm, which has traditionally been the primary focus of Hakomi, while “we” relates to the interpersonal domain, where two beings bring their individual needs to the relationship.

Maci Daye will co-facilitate the English Heart Training.

Maci has degrees in Education and Counseling from Harvard and Georgia State Universities and a doctorate in Human Sexuality. In addition, Maci completed the Intermediate Level of the Somatic Experiencing training.

Maci also developed a Hakomi-informed program on mindful sexuality and has led couple’s retreats and professional courses on her work in the U.S.A., Australia, and Europe since 2010.

| maci min | Hakomi Mallorca
| ute helmers min | Hakomi Mallorca

The German training is co-facilitated by Ute Helmers.

Ute is a fully accredited clinical psychologist with a training in person-centered-psychotherapy (Carl Rogers), as well as psychodynamic therapy. She is also a clinical neuropsychologist. Ute has been working as a psychotherapist in neurological rehabilitation for 14 years and offers psychotherapy for individuals and couples in private practice.

Q & A

Who is this training for?

The training is for professionals and laypeople who want to improve their relationships and feel competent in handling interpersonal difficulties.

I'm a helping professional.
How will your training help me?

Our training will help you grow in ways that enable you to support your clients more effectively. According to the research, your success depends on your personhood much more than your clinical method or techniques.

In other words, if you are a therapist, your compassionate presence is vital. In addition to creating a safe and healing therapeutic relationship, the training will help you help the individuals and couples you work with handle their relationships with more emotional intelligence.

What are the program requirements?

You will need to have a basic grounding in mindfulness and a commitment to growth. Since we name and explore our experience rather than skirting complex issues, our training can at times be emotionally confronting. However, we are committed to holding a safe space so that any feedback is compassionate and phrased as an invitation to actively research your inner life.

I'm single. Will this course help me?

We designed the HEART. Training to help you enjoy rewarding relationships of all types. We do emphasize love relationships because of the unique opportunities for growth they offer. Nevertheless, as a single person, growing your relationship skills will help you with all kinds of current and future relationships.


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