Personal Growth Programs

Hakomi Mallorca offers courses to foster personal growth for professionals and the general public.

The Hakomi faculty teach these courses, which incorporate the principles and mindful somatic approaches of the method. For this reason, we call these programs “Hakomi-informed.”

Our current core offerings focus on enhancing personal relationships.

Passion and Presence® is a 4-part training for couples (and therapists who work with couples) that want to improve their sex life and grow in the process.

The HEART.® program is for professionals and laypeople who want to learn how to navigate the challenges of all types of relationships consciously. Both programs are rooted in mindfulness.

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Passion and Presence®

Do you long for a loving connection with your partner and vital erotic life? Our Passion and Presence™ live and virtual couple’s retreats can help you nurture your sex life and create a more wakeful, engaged, and heart-full love relationship.


Our H.E.A.R.T ™ courses provide a blueprint for navigating the challenges and opportunities that relationships offer us to become more conscious and compassionate. Our H.E.A.R.T ™ courses provide a blueprint for navigating the challenges and opportunities that…

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