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This event is being organized by Hakomi Mallorca Teaching Assistants, Valentina Ialaduca and Pia Charpentier.


Primary Attachment Psychotherapy Intensive


Trainer: Donna Roy, LPC, CHT

Location: Mallorca, Spain

Dates: 9-15 May 2020

Schedule: Friday 18.00-20.30; Saturday 10.00-18.00; Sunday 09.00-14.00

Cost: 1390,00 € standard  | 1240,00 € early* (*31 March 2020)


Sat May 9th: 13:00-16:00  / 17:00-19.30
Sun/Mon May 10th-11th: 9:30-13:00 / 16:00-19:30
Tuesday: Exploration Day
Wed/Thu/Fri May 13-15: 9:30 -13:00 / 16:00-19:30

M.E.T.A. Primary Attachment Psychotherapy seeks to reduce attachment wounding. It uses mindfulness-based, right here right now attuned interventions. The therapeutic relationship is the centerpiece of this work, in which the clinician responds based on moment-to-moment dynamics.


This approach is scientifically based and well researched. It specifically targets neural rewiring, re-patterning and memory reconsolidation. It is congruent with classic and emerging attachment and interpersonal neurobiology evidence. The process creates increasingly effective conditions for integrating all parts of the Self and building deeper security. This is possible because relational patterns depend on contexts and are changeable.


The typical course of therapy progresses through the integration of four components: authority (I AM), autonomy, (I WANT), agency, (I CAN) and self-worth (I DESERVE). The therapist assesses and supports the client’s sense of authority, autonomy and agency, while validating and assessing for self-worth in an ongoing way. This engages specific brain systems and can lead to a lasting sense of security.
Note: This workshop qualifies as a prerequisite course for the Hakomi Professional Training.


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