Professional Programs

Hakomi Institute of Mallorca offers two professional programs:

The Comprehensive Hakomi Training

The Comprehensive Hakomi Training is a hybrid program consisting of residential modules in Soller, Mallorca, and virtual webinars. People worldwide participate in these trainings, creating a unique multi-cultural learning experience that supports growth on many levels. It is the centerpiece of our offerings, although we also offer shorter Hakomi workshops and specialty programs. Check our calendar here.

A Certificate Program in Passion and Presence® Mindful Couple's Sex Therapy

The Passion and Presence® Certificate Training is for helping professionals who want to learn a Hakomi-informed approach to couple’s sexuality. It combines the gentle, curious spirit of Hakomi with contemporary sex therapy. The 16-month program consists of 25 live online monthly classes.Enrollment in a Hakomi introductory workshop is a prerequisite for those without prior training in the Hakomi Method. Click here for our workshop schedule.

What students say

A strong sense of safety, allowing room to learn and show up at my pace. From the beginning there was a real sense that this really works in a way it was hard to explain just cognitively.

S. M.

The biggest attraction was seeing the change in people who had done the Hakomi training before me—they were more centred, more confident, more themselves. This was what I wanted for myself, too.

S. T.

There's no question that the Hakomi training is the best psychotherapy training I've ever done. The Hakomi trainers, without exception, embody and constantly demonstrate the Hakomi principle of loving presence towards all the students they train which powerfully facilitates the students' learning of the method.

J. K.

Hakomi has made a big change for me as a therapist and in my daily life. Without a doubt it is the best psychotherapy training I know. In Hakomi therapy I admire the gentle way of going really deep, effortlessly and mindfully. For me, as a body therapist, it makes a lot of sense working in a body-mind approach and it is easy for me to combine the methods. During the Hakomi Mallorca training there was a great combination of practical exercises and theory. My trainers are really talented; the way they embody the method by showing Loving Presence and tracking everybody in the group is amazing. They gave us so much support as therapists and on a personal level. I’m so thankful.

L. L.
Body Psychotherapist, Denmark

Hakomi is an amazing model and the skills I learn have been a very powerful addition to my practice but also to my life. As I often support people in psychedelic states I find that Hakomi is the most advanced tool for this work and has helped me be much more effective in meeting people in these deep emotional states and helping them to feel the value of being there.

C. K.

The Hakomi training has been one of the most transformative and healing experiences of my life. I thought I was signing up for a training to be a Hakomi therapist, I did not realise I was also signing up to be part of a group of lifelong friends who are committed to their own healing and growth and that of the world’s. Important aspects of therapy work such as non-violence, loving kindness, and mindfulness are taught first and foremost, before techniques. These principles continue to guide all aspects of my life and being outside of therapy. The teaching is clear, deep, rich and deeply moving, and the many experiential exercises make it a training that is always interesting, inspiring and profound.

C. L.

Hakomi has opened a portal to heal my heart. Since the day I crossed with this approach so much shifted in my life. The way I see psychotherapy, how I work with clients and, most important of all, the way I relate to myself changed. I feel much more connected and alive. It’s a wonderful and fulfilling path.

R. A.
Body Psychotherapist, Portugal

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