Helpful Links & Connections

The European Association of Body-Psychotherapy

The EABP works worldwide to develop professional skills, support research, promote publications, and organize congresses in body psychotherapy. Through dialogue and exchange, it encourages members to bring about a cross-fertilization of methods and theory.

The psychosomatic hospital Lahnhöhe

The psychosomatic hospital Lahnhöhe organizes professional development training in mindful somatic psychotherapy for medical and psychological staff from a network of participating hospitals. Halko Weiss teaches these events in German.

The ZIST Akademie in Bavaria

The ZIST Akademie in Bavaria is a professional training institute for psychotherapists. Halko Weiss is their trainer for mindful somatic psychotherapy.

The Finnish Center for Mindfulness

The Finnish Center for Mindfulness offers Hakomi workshops in English led by Maci Daye, Shai Lavie, and Pia Charpentier.

The Beck Institute in Rome

The Beck Institute in Rome, in affiliation with Hakomi Mallorca, offers Hakomi workshops and training in English with Italian translations. Our teachers Valentina Iadeluca and Pia Charpentier, also provide seminars in Italian.

The Europäische Akademie für Paartherapie (EAPT)

The Europäische Akademie für Paartherapie (EAPT) is a German organization offering training in Couples Therapy for practicing psychotherapists. Courses are led in Mallorca by Prof. Dr. Dirk Revenstorf and Halko Weiss. The approach combines Hakomi and Hypnotherapy.

Dietz Training & Partners (DTP)

Dietz Training & Partners (DTP) is a German company and market leader that offers training and coaching on emotional intelligence and mindfulness. Along with other Hakomi-trained partners, Halko Weiss founded the company to bring the Hakomi principles into the business world.


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