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Hakomi MSP: an experiential introduction



Profoundly attuned, mindful, somatic psychotherapy

The dynamic use of mindfulness is a foundation of the Hakomi Method. When integrated into the therapy session with unique Hakomi techniques it creates a rapid, experiential access route to unconscious core beliefs and implicit memories that invisibly shape our lives and behavior. Once conscious and directly experienced, these are available for memory re-consolidation and transformation, including the healing of attachment issues. This experiential process evokes a powerful “felt sense” for the client, allowing them to take ownership of core patterns as they emerge and to create new options.

Hakomi is a body-centered (somatic) approach. The body is viewed as a “map of the psyche”- a door that can be opened to reveal the entire unconscious belief system of the individual. The body’s habitual patterns can become a powerful access route to deeply held core material.

Loving presence and the healing relationship are also central to Hakomi. We develop exquisite sensitivity and attunement using empathic skills to read and contact subtle, unconscious cues. This creates a deep sense of safety and connection.

Who will be teaching?

Hakomi MSP: an experiential introduction
Hakomi Trainer
Julia Corley
Julia  is a Certified Hakomi Trainer and Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Massage and Bodywork Therapist
Hakomi MSP: an experiential introduction
Hakomi Teacher
Valentina Iadeluca

Valentina is a psychologist, a Certified Hakomi Therapist, a Hakomi Teacher, and a Full Member of the EABP

What will you learn?

In this experiential workshop, you will be introduced to the following key concepts and techniques that can be integrated into your current practice, in addition to seeing a Hakomi demo session:
  • The attitude of the therapist in Hakomi
  • Loving presence
  • Non-egocentric nourishment
  • Hakomi’s unique application of mindfulness
  • Contact and tracking
  • Accessing questions and directives
  • The Hakomi principles
  • The experimental attitude and “little experiments”




Friday: 6:00-9:15
Saturday: 2:00-5:15 and 5:45-7:15
Sunday:  2:00-5:15 and 5:45-7:15

(in Central EuropeTime)


On Zoom. We will send you a link to attend a week before the workshop.


Participation in this workshop counts as a prerequisite for admission to the Hakomi Comprehensive Foundation Module. 


Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your participation, please let us know 15 days before the event. We will return your whole fee minus a 35€ handling fee.

If you cancel 7-14 days before the event, half of the fee will be charged.

If you cancel less than 7 days before the event, the whole fee will be charged.





 - 06.11.22


Julia Corley
Valentina Iadeluca


coaches, Helping professionals, mental health professionals, psychotherapists


Early bird valid until: 30 Spetmber 2022


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How did you get to know Hakomi Mallorca?

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